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Here you will find a major source of information about the history and genealogy of the Ellingboe families,  with connections in Norway, the USA , Canada and other countries.  As you may already know, the Ellingboe name is unique to farms of Vang i Valdres in Oppland Fylke, Norway. It is derived from the combination of the man's name "Elling" or "Erling" (Old Norse "Erlingr") and the word "bø" (Old Norse bœr), which means farm.  Originally it may have been "Erlingsbœr," but the possesive "s" was dropped in early years.  The name "Ellingsbø" can be found in Heidal, but in Vang it has always been spelled without the "s".  In various documents the name has been spelled "Ellinghbøø" (1489), "Elingbøø" (1528), "Ellingbøø" (1578 and 1592), "Elinngbøø" (1604), and more recently "Ellingbøe" and "Ellingbø" ( Oluf Rygh, Norske Gaardnavne ).  Copies of many documents and family photos can be found in the Genealogy section.

The current spelling of our name in Norway is "Ellingbø," whereas many of those who emigrated to the United States used the spellings "Ellingböe" or "Ellingbøe" before changing to the most usual Americanized spelling of "Ellingboe."  There are a few Ellingboe descendants in the US and Canada who use the spelling "Ellingbo."

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This home page is a portal to the genealogy databases.  You may connect to the genealogy section by clicking on Genealogy . To use the genealogy pages you must register as a user.  You may request either the "Ellingboe" tree (about 11,800 names, compiled by Jim Ellingboe) or the "Valdres Slekt" tree (about 54,500 names, compiled by Harald Bøe, with some additions and editing by Jim Ellingboe), or you may ask for access to both.  The "Ellingboe" tree also includes extensive genealogical information about the Jones and Hardy families (Jim's maternal ancestry).  Make your specific requests in the registration note field.  Because information about living persons is confidential, you will be expected to explain your family connection and "need to know" when you register, if you wish to gain access to information about living persons.  The genealogy databases are updated frequently.  This is a collaborative work "in progress." Your input is important! Please check the data about your own family tree and send me additions and corrections by e-mail.   

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